Ngoc Thao, Song Da Nha Trang, Nha Trang, Vietnam - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

Ngoc Thao

Ngoc Thao Island, surrounded by the Cai River, nearby Nha Trang, is to be sustainably developed in four phases. The first phase consists of Community Center, Plaza, Hotel, Resort Complex and Villas in 14.5 ha out of 60 ha of the island.

The Church, as main existing landmark, is to be connected to the gathering public space by a local market in the center of the Island keeping the heart of the island beating. Furthermore the Plaza and the Hotel accentuate the entrance gates of the island accessible by car and boat. The Plaza welcomes the visitors after arrival and includes the main reception in addition to apartments, retail, gastronomy and a small marina. The Hotel, Resort Complex and the Villas along the further coastline bring up the opportunity of choosing among a range of accommodation type for tourists. Meanwhile the Resort Complex offers spa and resort facilities, 215 hotel rooms and 84 villas in a family and nature friendly environment.

During the next phases, the existing houses and paths would be restored or renewed with local participation. In the last phase the island will be connected with a new bridge to Nha Trang and the “U Silk City” project.

Client Song Da Nha Trang
Location Nha Trang, Vietnam
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Nasim Delkash, René Böttcher, Jan Humbert, Julia Misselwitz
Status In progress
Dimension 600.000 m²

Narrative Spaces



As moderators of the design

process, we mediate bet-
ween reality
and possi-
bility, using architecture
to signify the elements of the narrative.