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Ideal Foshan

IDEAL is a shower seperation manufacturer based in Foshan in China.
The design for the IDEAL headquarters includes a production facility, in addition to quality control, a representative administration building, a cafeteria building for 500 employees, various facilities for sport and social activities, a kindergarten and an eleven-story apartment complex with 262 residential units for employees. Part of the design is the integration of an existing production facility in the overall design of the new building. The plan provides an integrated facade system that encloses the entire complex and creates a characteristic identity. It is composed of brick-element panels that follow a parametric pattern. This creates on the overall handling of the facade a gradual transition of the graininess from closed to open states. The social components of the complex are coverd by a protective roofstructure that is permeated by a system of green spaces and water, providing a high quality of stay.

Client Ideal Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd.
Location Foshan, China
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Nasim Delkash, Xiaohua Zhang
Status In progress
Dimension 28.400 m²

Narrative Spaces


"Parametric design, often linking the contextual with the meta-
phorical, is a
transparent and formal approach to the creation of a narrative archi-tecture."