Bossa Nova, Lechner Immobilien Development GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, 2019 - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

Bossa Nova

The "Bossa Nova" row houses are another project of Franken Architekten for the Lechner Group. The terraced houses inspired by the Bossa Nova rhythm, with four parallel rows, form the center of Block 263, which is located in the southeast of the Frankfurt development area Riedberg West Wing. The heterogeneous arrangement of the houses creates an efficient utilization of the property. Each row of "bossa nova" is opened to the east, so gardens and balconies are to the west. The houses of the blocks differ in three variants, the two different corner buildings and the identical central houses. The vertical structure of the property into four parts and the horizontal displacement of the sculptural structures create an interesting structure.
This is supported by the three aboveground projectiles with projections and recesses. This creates individual opportunities for retreat in the outdoor area.

Client Lechner Immobilien Development GmbH
Location Frankfurt/Main, 2019
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Nicole Braun, Felix Schneider, Sebastian Stehl
Status Under construction
Dimension 3.998 m²