For beautiful people, Drykorn,  - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

For beautiful people

The German fashion producer Drykorn commissioned Franken Architects to develop a flagship store concept. This concept will be implemented in the future in their own shops in Germany and worldwide. The approach of Franken Architekten playing with contrast and the attraction of the sexes, thereby the curtain serves as slightly erotically connoted element of separation, concealment and opening simultaneously. The different theme worlds (womens, mens casual, classic menswear) are divided in different spatial zones and designed by gender-specific material and interior design, the entire place is permeated by playing with contrasting materials, such as concrete versus wood.

Client Drykorn
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Natascha Baier, Nicole Franken, Tim Münnich, Felix Schneider
Status Completed 2012
Dimension 300 m²

Narrative Spaces





Rituals create both movement
and meaning in spaces, as with the liturgy and the theatre, linking the real to the abstract. Ritual is the means of inflecting the sublime and the ethereal into a narrative.