4k Focus, Panasonic, Photokina 2014, Cologne, Germany  - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

4k Focus

The floor plan of the entire Panasonic Convention exhibition is structured like rays. In the center of the focal point is a stage presentation surface for the Panasonic Corporate highlight: 4K image quality - with front lying 4K topic. The other product areas are visible from the hall transition and break down like rays to the focal point. The inner zone consists of the product highlights, applications and line-ups. The architectural concept of the floor plan and the revolving blue ceiling strip provides an immediate overview of the different product areas and at the same time the power of the Panasonic brand. The principle of the focal point runs through all design elements. From the floorplan geometry to the wall design and graphics. In the communication area, the focus graph is even added space spanning into the third dimension. The wall design is divided into black (4K) and white areas (product presentation) and gives the product areas with different colors and special formal elaboration of the focal point graphics its own identity.

Client Panasonic
Location Photokina 2014, Cologne, Germany
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Juliane Maier, Nasim Delkash, Nicole Franken, Alwina Popp, Tim Münnich, Messebau Display International
Status Completed 2014
Dimension 1.600 m²

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Rituals create both movement
and meaning in spaces, as with the liturgy and the theatre, linking the real to the abstract. Ritual is the means of inflecting the sublime and the ethereal into a narrative.