Open , KPMG, Cologne, Frankfurt, Germany, New Castle, UK - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN


The open-plan concept for the lobby of KPMG consists of reception, a lounge, a room in which to meet people and a conference zone. The reception becomes the interface between the visitor and host. In place of an unfriendly counter, there is a table in the middle of the room serving as a business center, with internet access, stationery and chargers for mobile communications devices, which both visitors and reception staff may use.

Client KPMG
Location Cologne, Frankfurt, Germany, New Castle, UK
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Cathrin Loose, Berthold Scharrer, Florian Götze
Status Completed 2008
Dimension 3.000-3.500 m2

Narrative Spaces





Rituals create both movement
and meaning in spaces, as with the liturgy and the theatre, linking the real to the abstract. Ritual is the means of inflecting the sublime and the ethereal into a narrative.