Maison Schumann, ADAC Hessen Thüringen e.V. , Frankfurt/Main, Germany - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

Maison Schumann

In order to meet the growing demand for living space and greater efficiency, the existing office building will be demolished and a new building erected featuring 16 top-grade apartments of a high ecological standard. That said, the charm and character of the typical Westend development from the so-called Gründerzeit is to be retained, and will be reflected in the design through striking features and re-interpreted in a contemporary architectural language.
The plan foresees six stories in massive construction. Diverse apartment types make for considerable individuality and harmonize with the residential nature of the Westend district. The four basic types, townhouse, single-floor apartment, marionette and penthouse, occupy areas between about 90 and 200 square meters. Each of the townhouses will have a separate entrance, while the remaining apartments will be accessed via a spacious two-story entrance lobby. There is barrier-free, elevator access to all stories.
The building will encompass two structures and as such references the standing façade forms typical of the Westend district. A fresh interpretation of the bay window, as a link between roof and façade, makes the latter less severe. Projection and recess serve to break up the frontage line. The ridge takes up the reference axes of the “Villa Clara” hotel development also planned by Franken Architekten, while the eaves line mediates between the differing heights of the neighboring buildings. The typology of the townhouse can be read in the change of the organizational structure on the ground and first floors. Balconies facing West and East provide every apartment with a link to the outdoors. The penthouse apartments will have spacious roof terraces.


Client ADAC Hessen Thüringen e.V.
Location Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Frank Brammer, Robin Heather, Kai Heyd, Simone Nauroth, Julika Ziegler
Status In progress
Dimension 4.600 m²

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process, we mediate bet-
ween reality
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to signify the elements of the narrative.